A Letter in Blood From the Heart of a Madman

I once wrote a woman
a letter
penned in my own blood
but I had disposed of it
before I could mail it
in fear that she would
think me mad
and rightfully so
because it seems the
only creatures
that would truly understand
these days
are the ones that stagger
across the common room
of any given nuthouse
as I stagger across
the impossible realm
of every day.


5 thoughts on “A Letter in Blood From the Heart of a Madman

    1. Hernan J Monzon Post author

      Thanks, man. I’ve been to a couple nuthouse common rooms visiting friends. I could totally picture myself sitting at a corner table playing chess with my imaginary friend. It doesn’t seem all that bad to me. Just different.


  1. Skye

    Wow!!!!! I love this. You are not mad…just passionate! That is a GREAT thing. Someday, someone will recognize it and cherish you for it!! 🙂



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