It’s Hard to Look Back When All That You Know Is Fear

It’s hard to look back
when you are running through a night forest
without a light when you are sure that there is
something coming after you but you are not sure
what it is.

As the branches whip mercilessly across your wounded face
as you scramble to find footing knowing that
if you were to stumble and fall just once
whatever was mere steps behind you
would embrace that opportunity
to completely tear you apart.

As your heart thumps hard against your chest
as your breath aches but still you recklessly plant
one foot before the next and struggle to keep pace

you run and you run and you continue to run when
you don’t even know where it is that you are going
but it doesn’t matter as long as you endure
as long as you keep going and stay ahead
of whatever it is
that is chasing you.

It’s hard to look back
when you don’t know what you’re looking at.

It’s hard to look back
when all that you know is fear.


6 thoughts on “It’s Hard to Look Back When All That You Know Is Fear

  1. Scott

    If it weren’t so inspiring having you as a best friend it would overwhelm with jealousy for your staggering output and constant innovation as a scribe. Keep it up ! (kicks head of teddy bear into endless pit while dressed in full Spartan regalia and screams, “This. Is. Hernaaaaaaaaaan” )


  2. Shirlena

    Yes, it is. It is very hard. I sympathize as I have a younger brother and a nephew who are going through the same. I hurt for them because what they don’t realize is the moment they began to face up to them they can’t move them aside and start fresh. Maybe one day they will hear those who care about them. I have probably said too much but your poem really reminded me of them.


    1. Hernan J Monzon Post author

      oh no. I always appreciate your insight. It is a rather difficult thing. I thought this made a good analogy. It was one of those ideas that came to me in a fury and left just as quickly. I’m trying not to post so much but the faucets been on all the way since I stopped drinking.



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