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The problem is that
people have to have more
and more
in order to fill in the holes
in themselves
in each other
in the hours
in the empty spaces.

And so we dig
and gouge
and scrape
and burn until
there is nothing left
with no regard
or respect.

We don’t want to know
how things work
as long as it
works for us.

We don’t understand
how to appreciate
a world
that we do not
live in fear of.

We have made
things far too
for and on

We have forgotten
the lion
the bayonet
the plague
the hunger
the fire the scars
the blood dripping from
a thousand crosses
the terrors the deaths
the darkness
at the end of every street.

But these things
don’t just
go away they are
still there
so far back and
just around the corner
sharpening their
their teeth
their resolve
they are honing in and
approaching like a
thick blanket
a moonless night
a killer in a crowd.

They’re coming
-it’s coming.
-It’s here.

And it’s about time.

Sometimes You Just Fuck Up

Sometimes you fuck up.
You just do.
It happens.

You can’t linger on it.
You shouldn’t shoulder it or
dwell upon it
for too long
unless of course
you have caused the loss of
innocent lives or
something of that magnitude.

Just learn what you can from it
and try not to do it again
because there is a very thin line
between a hero and a fool.

I make mistakes
every day
mostly small ones

I pour myself a bowl of dog food
water the cats instead of the plants
then realize that I own neither
become extremely confused
when faced with doorways and
pretty brunettes.

Nothing intentional or malicious
I would like to think that
I’m way beyond that (kill you).

But if nothing fucked up
there would be no newspapers
and everyone would become
profoundly insane
because of it.

If everything were to go seamlessly
as planned
all the time
it would eventually cause
great damage to the psyche.

Fucking up is essential to humanity
everyone must do their part
I hope that you’re doing yours

because I most certainly am doing mine