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The Rabbit That Won My Heart

From the fields
from the trees
across the street
from my backyard
and from me
came the rabbit.

It sat and watched the busy road
and when there was an opening
it took it
and it made it

I knew it was different.
Some things you just know.

Robin’s nests
built all around us
spilt onto the lawns
their young
to feed from fresh worms
now that they could fly.

In clusters of black
they busied about
until the rabbit decided to
charge into their congregations
happily hopping
right through them
just to cause a ruckus.

The birds fluttered about
chirping in annoyance
of being disturbed from their meal.

The parents came and landed
trying to assess the situation
until the rabbit charged at them too.

I applauded
at the unexpected show
as it filled my heart with
much needed laughter

A smaller rabbit
soon came along
and followed
its sibling
across the road
across the lawn
to the aftermath of
molested robins.

Upon seeing the new arrival
the rabbit hopped where it stood
with glee
and gave chase
all around the yard
the street
around and under
parked cars and even some
that slowed
because of it.

They went about
engaged in play
and had brought
to the street excitement
it hasn’t seen in years
and on a warm summer evening
nobody was outside to see it
but me.

I laughed to myself
as some people I know
do not believe that
animals have souls
because that young rabbit
it won my heart

more than most.