Angry (Over Nothing) Broad at the Bar

I was at the bar
and looked beside me.
A young black girl
with orange hair
and purple lips
was standing right there
looking at me.

I returned to minding my drink.
I knew from those eyes
that there was something
wrong with her
and I wasn’t very interested
in finding out what that was.

I looked back anyways.

She was still there,
still looking at me.
“Yes?” I inquired.
“You gonna buy me a drink?”
I really didn’t like her face and
her attitude stunk like shit so
“Fuck off.” I said
with the ease of a seasoned veteran.

She gave me the look of death.
I gladly accepted it
and returned to the bar.

“Faggot!” She said
as she shoved past me
really overly-pissed about nothing
so I slammed my drink down
ordered another
and I waited for a
problem to start
with one of her asshole friends.


16 thoughts on “Angry (Over Nothing) Broad at the Bar

  1. HJM Post author

    Yes. I actually have a ton of these that bleed out of me once in a while and so now I actually put them on page. I am glad you like it!


  2. Marc

    Sooooo the story ended how? You got gang raped by her recently released from prison male friends or you simply just went home and jerked off to your Jackson 5
    album collection….I’m intrigued….


  3. wisperin9shad0s

    interesting, that. people should own up to the attention they garner, if they’re going to dress a certain way. then again, i find men do that to me too – stare, and if i don’t respond, say one line, but then angry/confused when that one line is not interesting enough to start a conversation. thanks for following!


    1. HJM Post author

      Overall I think that people should think a little harder about the things they do and say. They should consider what the consequences of their actions might be before they act. And no problem.



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