My Bloody Death

I sometimes wonder if I will
have a bloody death
or if it will go as smooth
as a baby’s ass
midnight jazz
or a lullaby.

Will I go out into the great night
or asleep?

The sad thing is
that in the end
it doesn’t even matter

but what does matter is
if there will be enough coffee at my funeral.

Will people enjoy the sandwiches?

And after they put me in the ground
or throw me into the sea

will it be loud
or will it be lonely?


6 thoughts on “My Bloody Death

  1. f8

    Loud. Unless I go first. (scrapes “Not On My Watch, Vickers” into another cow.)

    Love the sandwiches bit. Hahahaha! So you!


    1. HJM Post author

      I have to agree with you on that…except that I am petrified of heights. But that does sound like a good way to go, purposefully and in control.



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