Dark Chick (For Nicole)

“Hi” I said to the lady in the black leather jacket they all had black leather jackets christ I was wearing a black leather jacket.

I wasn’t interested in getting to know this woman at all I just did it to entertain dark chick because she was dark chick because she was the darkest darkness magic electric.

It looked like the lady didn’t catch my nice and loud greeting so I turned away but at the last moment she quipped back at me: “Are you?”

“Well, not yet,” I said, “but the night’s still young.” We both laughed. It was dark.

I saw her later on the dance floor she jerked and writhed about just like me just like everybody writhing and jerking and writhing and this is starting to sound like something else entirely.

I stayed away. Instead I wanted to hug Chris Farley and cry.

Okay, so he wasn’t really Chris Farley but yes he was Chris Farley because there was no way that you could look so much like Chris Farley and not be Chris Farley other than the fact that Chris Farley has been dead for almost twenty years.

Chris Farley.

Anyways, I wanted to hug him to hold him and start sobbing uncontrollably telling him how much I missed him and what movies I loved. I almost did it just to entertain dark chic because she was dark chic because she was the darkest darkness magic electric.

I would have to come back here sometime and see him again but that wasn’t it – Cut-eyes the world’s greatest villain was standing beside him then rose up the stairs like a vampire from a coffin.

Dark Chick turned to me, “Oh my, did you see that look? See them cut-eyes?”

And that’s where we got Cut-eyes

He had the face of somebody that strangled babies in their sleep, ate kittens and orphans who couldn’t read, raped nuns and garbage receptacles. His choice of attire made him look even more like a sadistic child killer or at least like someone that belonged on the local registry of sex offenders and rampaging deviants.

I stood a little closer to dark chick because she could protect me. I wrote a poem about dark chic so that she would protect me when faced with altercations involving the malicious and malevolent of the human species with her eternal shining darkness:

Dark Chick

Dark Chick laughs
and a little darkness escapes.

Dark Chick blazes with life
like the turbulently
flashing spinning
stroboscopic coloured
that paint the dance floors
of your Saturday nights

Dark Chick
the apocalypse
won’t stir or
rattle you
nothing would
nothing can
you are the darkest

Dark Chick
There are no angels
out there
there is nothing but ourselves

we are alone
along with everybody else

even the devils
will not rise out of their
warm hells
to taunt us chain us
hang us from ourselves

we are alone
along with everybody else

dark enough?
Not even close
not for Dark Chick
when she’s out there
shining with darkness

It’s magic.
It’s electric.

It’s Dark Chick

She the light.


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