I Want To Meet Aliens Right Now

I really want to know
what is out there
beyond our sky
our galaxy

one day we will look back
at the time when we had not
truly traveled
and had met the others
had seen for the first time
life in the universe
because there is
because we are proof of that
as things don’t just happen once
in one place
life will grow out of anything
so if we are here
then they are there
all of them
and I cannot wait to meet them.

I would like to think that
as long as we humans exist
that I will be alive in some way
throughout all of time
in someone and that I will
be able to witness the landing
of the first ship

By then we would not fear
we would embrace
because one day we will
understand ourselves
well enough to know that
violence is not the answer
to everything

so if you could only imagine
how different we are
within one race through our various

could you also imagine what kind of things
are out there
that we cannot know


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