Never Give Up on your Day

I tried to write today.

Mostly it was just screaming at my laptop
in foreign languages
tearing up pages and pages
of paper
crumpling them up and
throwing them at the television
crying, there was crying
banging on the table
with both fists
in between staring contests
with my cat.

In the end I managed to fix up
a chapter
in less than an hour.

Never give up on your day.


4 thoughts on “Never Give Up on your Day

  1. Skye

    You need to put up a picture of your cat(s) one day. 🙂

    Glad you are not giving up……I am wanting to today. You are giving me hope. 🙂 So Thanks!


    1. Hernan J Monzon Post author

      I’ll have to now. They practically sponsor me. I am glad that I can give you hope. I have those days too. It helps me to make fun of my frustrations. I should do more of that. I hope that tomorrow is better for you. I had two horrible days of writing and finally yesterday I flew through my work, which is what the poems about but I condensed it into one day. It always gets better. Sometimes just takes a little longer. Cheers.



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