Losing Things to the Elves in the Walls

I have lost
far too many things
inside of my place
not to be suspicious
of elves in the walls.

I have lost
shirts sheets shoes
Christmas presents
money hours people
medieval weaponry
where does it all go?

I suspect that it is all
in one place
guarded by a dragon
as I toss
another rogue sock
into the laundry basket.


5 thoughts on “Losing Things to the Elves in the Walls

  1. Deb

    Can’t remember when they started it, but in our home the wall elves not only sneak things away, they leave things around, especially at Christmas. In fact, they often place the quirkiest gifts in stockings and under the tree. A mysterious tag just reads, “From the Wall Elves.” Or maybe “the Neatnick Elves.” Or “those literary elvies” or something similar. Once my children even came home from Grandma’s expecting Mommy to have a lovely treasure hunt and Christmas Eve supper all set up for them and instead they found her wrapped in strands of Christmas lights and missing all her memories. The treasure hunt was a search to regain those memories, old photo after old photo. The elves can be tricky and borderline mean sometimes but they always come through with unexpected (delightful) twists and turns to the holiday. We love our Wall Elves and give them lots of affirmation and they just stay and stay… even though the kids are in their 20’s and 30’s now. Good thing elves don’t age.



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