The Sadness Has Finally Left

One of these mornings
I am going to get up
and not have to think about this
first thing
and when that time comes
I will be so happy
because I will know then
that the sadness
has finally left.

8 thoughts on “The Sadness Has Finally Left

  1. I cannot wait for that day!! 🙂 Hope it comes for both of us real soon!! It it doesn’t where do I get a Nothing blanket??

    1. Hahaha! you can get one from the Neverending story it’s the great force that wipes out the whole planet in the end and is thus the greatest analogy of self-destruction there is)

  2. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t want it to happen to them. It’s not that we have trouble finding it…it’s finding it and it being workable, compatible, reciprocal in the right way.

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