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That’s One Piss That I’m Glad I’ve Taken

Late night at the bar.
I walked out of the bathroom
and there were bodies
all over the floor
moaning and

Smashed bottles lay everywhere.
Every table was overturned.
Somebody was trying to crawl
off the pool table and
the bartender was crying.

A man on the floor
on his stomach
was trying to reach out for me
holding his jaw.

There was a pool cue
sticking out of his back.

As I leaned down to
yank it out
I said to him,
that’s one piss
that I’m glad I’ve taken.”


Just Had a Little Trouble Outside

Just had a little trouble
over a blonde
that’s not even my
fucking friend anymore
but I’m fine I’m fine
just a little cut on my lip
I’m fine
and now I was playing pool
in my friend’s club
with steel railings and
all leather
with two girls
(really cute)

I was just fine.

I looked down from the
second floor window
and saw the bastard
staggering across
the street with his friend
helping him
as he held his jaw and
just looked
like a bloody mess.

I smiled.
“You’re fucking welcome.”
I said.