Everything Becomes Nothing

We abate softly into nothingness into finality into the darkness beneath a great empty canvas and so on this certain passing I felt almost touched and almost momentarily elated if you will from the brooding vacuous maelstrom that has become most days it was somewhat like catching the whisper of an echo in a backroom […]

The Junkyard Dog Bleeds

My love of words is large and mean and my heart -it’s just a junkyard dog that growls at nothing and gnaws at old bones until they’re dust. I have become so much better since I’ve obtained a strong handle on the absurdity of myself but still there’s nothing easier than picking up a bottle […]

Mall Kids

Doll faces with clipped wings waving dollar bills at the great dark inside. They see themselves in window shops. They sing the music store songs. With eyes as dead as used leather jackets they wander an infinity of well-lit oblivion.

Father’s Stress is Now My Stress

When I was a child and Father used to come home from the plant or the yard and later on from the office I used to run into the kitchen where he sat reading the paper and jump on him screaming as I’ve been home all day smashing trucks together in the back lot and […]

It Gets Harder To See The Way

It’s hard to see the stars from the gallows or a smile through tears. It’s hard to see rot beneath beauty hope beneath shame love beneath all that hate. It’s hard to see change at the end of a gun peace through the flames or God through all that pain. It’s hard not to bury […]

Falling For You

I’ve fallen for you and I’m still falling like out of a plane without a parachute or from a building without a net without a care without a worry without any concern at all it’s just so rare that sometimes it just feels good to let yourself fall to feel yourself falling and when I […]

People Get All Up in Your Shit

People get all up in your shit. They want to know about things. They are far too inquisitive for my liking. They are always trying to shamelessly peer into my windows. But hey, come on in. Pour your baggage all over my coffee table because we are all just wounded animals in a great war […]