Beautiful Quiet Melody

There was this girl at school Quiet Melody was her name. She used to hide in her hair. Long and black it was like a raven’s back and she used it as a curtain so that nobody could see her. When people addressed her Melody would wave sheepishly distantly as though from another planet and […]

They Have Never Had to Be Animals, Not Like Us

I have worked with several people that have spent most of their lives behind a broad desk seated in a comfortable leather chair with an undisputable air of casual ease about them that most would most certainly consider enviable as now even deep into their forties they bear the faces of children so much that […]

Sometimes You Just Fuck Up

Sometimes you fuck up. You just do. It happens. You can’t linger on it. You shouldn’t shoulder it or dwell upon it for too long unless of course you have caused the loss of innocent lives or something of that magnitude. Just learn what you can from it and try not to do it again […]