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They Have Never Had to Be Animals, Not Like Us

I have worked with several people
that have spent most of their lives
behind a broad desk
seated in a comfortable leather chair
with an undisputable air of casual ease about them
that most would most certainly consider enviable
as now even deep into their forties
they bear the faces of children
so much that even I standing beside them
look like an old gnarled lizard
that has been lying in the desert sun unmolested
for centuries.

They have faces that have never been
hit, never drowned in tears or spit upon
and because of that small things
seem to confound them as they chatter on
endlessly inside of their snow globes
about their driveways, diets and
personal trainers as they compare watches
and morning routines.

They have never had to worry about
their car not starting on the way to
a job interview that would decide
if they were going to eat
for the next month.

They have never lost a fight
because they have never been in one.

They have never had to steal
condiments from restaurants
or duct tape their shoes
never had to bang on somebody’s door
with a bat for mishandling their ex
or muscle their way into a room
full of strangers to settle a score.

They have never had to be animals
not like us.

I used to think that they were lucky
oh, so lucky to not have to endure
life’s harsher climates
but now as I see them standing
lost at the photocopier
face painted with unusual concern
not knowing what to do
because nothing’s coming out

I just think that they’re pathetic
and for good reason.


I Was Hoping Just to Sit and Talk To You

In this city of the lonely
the dying
the hard-asses and hard of luck
it doesn’t matter to you
what I’ve seen
been through
cared about or my troubles
while doing so.

It doesn’t matter at all.
Why should it?

I don’t know you
and you rarely ever
know me so we’ve always
managed to get by with a
certain air of indifference
like the people you may know at work
at school in the hallways
on the streets
that you sometimes warm to or
mostly simply tolerate
throughout the daily course of
human traffic.

I have always felt that
something is missing
that something should be different so
I’m going to hand you my heart
without fear of what it would look
like to you.

I’m going to tell you things that
I haven’t told anyone.

I’m not going to lie or pretend
because I was never really good at that
to begin with.

I am just going to take this moment
to talk to you
just as though you were sitting here
in front of me
as that seems like a good start.

Would that be okay?

Great, here
pull up a chair.

Let us begin.

Why I Avoid Large Congregations of People

Trying to find a place to park
once you’re finally here
just to get in and be confronted with
large congregations of people
lining up all over the place
to drink to sit to eat
to go to the bathroom
at sporting events, concerts
amusement parks
gathering, grazing, gawking
at each other
Yeah, I like to watch them too
people are stories
walking by you
but to immerse myself in
such a zoo of humanity
and even pay to do so
to me is insane.

So you go ahead
I’ll be in the field
lying beneath a tree
with a book in my lap
and only the song birds
for company

loving every minute of it.

Listening to Bukowski Speak

Listening to Bukowski speak
the way he finished his sentences
his enunciation
and emphasis;
he was walking through a poem
when he spoke about
and it makes you realize
this one thing:
that we are always writing
even as we
even as we
we are







Dry your tears
and then hang them up.

Amazing documentary (The Ordinary Madness of Charles Bukowski):


The Manufactured Spirit of the Rat Race

Let’s say that you actually have a good idea.
In this era of capitalism you go find yourself
some investors that believe in it
enough to begin laying the groundwork
for a production line.

You have a business model, financial plan
design specs; all the groundwork plus
manufacturing equipment
ready to start pumping out units
and a workforce trained to operate them.

If all things go as forecasted
as they’re planned on paper
you will start to see revenue
within the second quarter.

You take that money
increase capitol
invest in infrastructure
hire more workers
expand your base of operation
now with some finances to throw at marketing
you can eventually launch new sites in other countries
until everyone knows your brand
until you are Sony, Walmart, Mcdonald’s.

But of course as soon as you
publicize your patent by launching product
all of your competition will
reverse-engineer your concept
and build better models at cheaper costs
so unless you have patented air or water
you will have to reinvent the wheel
or launch a new line of features
stick a vacuum in a van
alter the happy meal so that it better reflects the countries
growing concerns about obesity
start a clothing line once you get an album out
jump the gun before the other guy gets his hands on it
keep pushing and growing and expanding into new markets
put out books on how to put out books
get celebrities to endorse your organic farm
pump out more units per hour
in more facilities utilizing cheaper resources
until your bottom line is in top form
and then…what?

When do you say that enough is enough?
The reason that I’m asking this is because
we are surrounded by factories and surrounded
by transport trucks
shipping products in and out
people are building more things faster
finding new markets new ways
to get that dollar
and so far nobody
and I mean nobody
has been able to answer that
one simple question.

And yet we just keep going
until it’s all that matters
until our air is filled with smog
and our earth is gutted
as the tree lines diminish
until all of our landscapes
are filled with factories
badly contrived parking lots
and big-box stores
where there is no art or culture anymore
because all that matters is economy and
the manufactured spirit of the rat race
and nobody looks up from their phones
long enough to raise the question
of why.

It is rather funny
how people are so convinced
in the importance of who they are and what they do
when they’re all really doing the same thing.

Ever get the feeling that you’re surrounded by utter fools
who are casually destroying everything
in order to blindly push product?

Because I most certainly do
on the drive to work everyday
wondering why.