This is What Makes You a Writer

This is for all the times that you stubbornly wrote tired, half-drunk, drunk at work in-between doing other things beyond frustrated because you haven’t had a clear day just for writing in months and it was always rush this rush that looking at the clock for compassion where there was none writing on the backs […]

Dreams are For You and For You Only

You can never fully explain your dreams to anyone and I don’t know why some people bother because you really have to be there right there in order to truly understand its impact. You must personally taste the all-encompassing fear experience the movement and interpret the sounds yourself. The light, colour and depth of this […]

The Manufactured Spirit of the Rat Race

Let’s say that you actually have a good idea. In this era of capitalism you go find yourself some investors that believe in it enough to begin laying the groundwork for a production line. You have a business model, financial plan design specs; all the groundwork plus manufacturing equipment ready to start pumping out units […]

Shit Painted Gold

Some people look great but inside they’re as dead as dried leaves or an abandoned factory. The immediate stench of their absolute nothingness can be bought at your local Sears counter. When you get too close to the haircut the cologne burns the back of your throat tasting like plastic pretentious carcass. And hey, nice […]


I wonder why people think that they need politicians other than wanting a face there to tell them that everything will be okay that all of the things they don’t want to think about themselves would be dealt with their best interests in mind because seriously, what kind of fool would believe that? They say […]

World-Wide Unrest

This is the time of night when the cold wind rustles the dead leaves when all the flowers wither up into little balls of dried nothingness where the radio plays the same song over and over again as factories close and politicians get reelected the wheel turns and turns deeper into the mud the children […]

Poetry at Work

I’m on the Clock: As sure as a running clock or a car running over your dog people have a bad habit of coming up to my desk at work everyday and talking to me about all kinds of crazy horseshit because there is a large neon sign positioned directly above my monitor that reads: […]

Keep Writing

Some things may pierce you so deeply that you only start to write about them years after they’ve passed and even then you can feel the malevolent entities and memories lurking in the depths of your mind suddenly spring back to life: We’re still here! Oh, do come back… yes…that’s it…I can see you looking […]