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I Was Hoping Just to Sit and Talk To You

In this city of the lonely
the dying
the hard-asses and hard of luck
it doesn’t matter to you
what I’ve seen
been through
cared about or my troubles
while doing so.

It doesn’t matter at all.
Why should it?

I don’t know you
and you rarely ever
know me so we’ve always
managed to get by with a
certain air of indifference
like the people you may know at work
at school in the hallways
on the streets
that you sometimes warm to or
mostly simply tolerate
throughout the daily course of
human traffic.

I have always felt that
something is missing
that something should be different so
I’m going to hand you my heart
without fear of what it would look
like to you.

I’m going to tell you things that
I haven’t told anyone.

I’m not going to lie or pretend
because I was never really good at that
to begin with.

I am just going to take this moment
to talk to you
just as though you were sitting here
in front of me
as that seems like a good start.

Would that be okay?

Great, here
pull up a chair.

Let us begin.

She is Leaving You (Welcome to Canada)

She is made out of
steel and concrete.

She will snatch away your seeds
and then scratch out your sky.

She will yank out your heart
like a weed from her garden.

She will not come for you
at the airport
or anywhere else.

She will leave you.
She is leaving you.

She is already gone.
She has already brushed you off her shoulders…

and has started over.

She has forgotten about you
before she even had a chance to tell you:

“Welcome to Canada.”

Problem Solved

I had no interest in her at first
because everybody liked her
even the girls
and all I heard about was her..her…HER!
And I was under the mindset that
if everyone all really liked something
than it couldn’t have been very good.

I had recently started working
at a textile factory
watching fabric spin around
all day.
It was great
if you were inept at doing
anything else.

In the break room
late October
when it was just the two of us
and we had not even spoken yet
I really looked at this girl
the one that everyone adored
(when she wasn’t looking)
and for the first time
I could see what all the commotion was about.

I have never seen a woman look so much like a
porcelain doll
in her tattered Ozzy shirt and track pants
in this godforsaken shed out behind the factory
in this godforsaken town
and I thought to myself,
What the Hell are you doing here?

I got lost somewhere in staring at her
when I noticed that she was looking back at me.
So much for stealth or finesse or…(drinks scotch)
“How are you?” She asked.
I tried to compose myself
but found it rather difficult.
“Good?” I returned.
“Is that a question?”
She laughed. “I’m Anne.”
“I’m truly honoured.”

At the time I was dating a girl from England
She had a great ass and horrible teeth.
She was rich, spoiled
and acted like it
everywhere we went.

She was so pretentious that she
called me from England after her second day visiting
and spoke to me in an English accent
that she never had before.
I couldn’t believe that she was that stupid
or thought that I was.

During that time
I had gotten to know Anne
and I started singing the same tune as everybody else.

I went over there with two friends from work
one who in desperation to impress her had brought over a 40 of vodka
that he dropped on her doorstep to smash all over the floor and I almost
didn’t laugh.

There was something different about Anne
when she answered the door
she wore a dress, had on makeup
had put down her hair
and when my friends left
she wanted me to stay.

I stayed.

We sat down.
She started to say something,
then stopped
and then started again…

“I’ve got feelings for you.” She shrugged.

My response was to kiss her
immediately as I did not want to
waste any more time.

Soft, slow, lingering…

“I’ve been wanting to do that since I first looked at you.
I mean, really looked at you.
Inside and out.” I said
as we pulled apart.

It was true.
She was a uniquely beautifully brilliant treasure.

And in response to that
Anne grabbed me and kissed me back.
Oh god! Did she ever!
It was delicious and beautiful and glorious and just perfect until
“Wait,” She said, “we can’t do this. I mean, I can’t do this.
You’re in a relationship and I’m not that kind of girl.”

Really? Because I thought that…well, after you just…but…nevermind.

“Okay, alright…” I said, “I know you’re a good person
and I would not put you in that kind of unfortunate situation
so here is what I’m going to do.
Pass me your phone.”

I called my girlfriend up.
She answered all happy to hear from me.
“Listen,” I said, “I’ve been thinking about our problems lately.”
“What? What problems? What are you talking about?”
“I’m glad to hear that you’ve been doing the same,” I continued,
“because I think it’s time we went our separate ways.”
“What’s going on? I don’t understand.” I could hear anger in her voice.
I bet she would be fuming about this for a spell.
“Yeah, well I’m glad that you understand.
It’s over between us.
Have a good night.” I said softly.

I hung up
threw the phone on the other couch
and put my arm back around Anne.

“Problem solved.” I said.


Angry (Over Nothing) Broad at the Bar

I was at the bar
and looked beside me.
A young black girl
with orange hair
and purple lips
was standing right there
looking at me.

I returned to minding my drink.
I knew from those eyes
that there was something
wrong with her
and I wasn’t very interested
in finding out what that was.

I looked back anyways.

She was still there,
still looking at me.
“Yes?” I inquired.
“You gonna buy me a drink?”
I really didn’t like her face and
her attitude stunk like shit so
“Fuck off.” I said
with the ease of a seasoned veteran.

She gave me the look of death.
I gladly accepted it
and returned to the bar.

“Faggot!” She said
as she shoved past me
really overly-pissed about nothing
so I slammed my drink down
ordered another
and I waited for a
problem to start
with one of her asshole friends.