Center of The Dancing Sycophants

I am tired of the endless winter in my hair and my flesh so easy to tear and organs to crush. I have welcomed through black windows vacancy and irony -I have fed upon them then licked the plate clean and asked for more with an adoring look in my eyes. The sycophants around me […]

But It Saves My Soul From Serenity

When I speak to you I am instead dreaming of the beautiful worlds that fall in words from your lips. I wait for the poetry to come so that I can make words sing to undress your wild heart and fall in but it doesn’t. Your perfection makes everything else noise even me… but it […]

There’s an Itch and it’s on the Move

There’s an itch on my foot inside of my shoe and I can’t get rid of it each time I try to scratch it it moves then returns five minutes later and I can never seem to nail down the spot to relieve it and it’s slowly driving me crazy. And I just wanted you […]

I am Burning With Life

I am burning with life not a candle but a torch, a wall, an inferno I blaze I want to touch your skin, your arms, your face so that you can feel it feel me my rage my love is pain that burns like tears that never go away. I am burning with Life.

After the After-Party

After all the beautiful woman have fucked your soul until there is nothing left. After everywhere you go all you see are the damned -the expressionless eyes hanging lifelessly over vacant grins -the halfwit producers of the mounds of consumer waste piling up at the edges of the earth for nothing. After everything you touch […]